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A deck of cards of Morris Sides from the UK and around the world that can be used for trump and quartet style games.

Not only will this be a playable game, a long one, it'll allow people to learn about Morris sides from around the world. It might actually help people to recognise other sides when at dance-outs.

Here is a map indicating all the sides included in the deck to show the wide array of sides involved:


Current list of sides
Current list of sides

The cards are designed so that they can be used in a variety of card games such as trumps, Go Fish and other similar games.

The deck is divided into groups of 6 to aid in games similar to Go Fish or 'Quartet', which in this version has become 'Six Up'.

Instructions for example card games are included in the pack.

Example cards
Example cards

If the pack become popular and more sides desire to be included it is hoped that expansion packs will be available in the future.

Each pack of cards will come with around 130 different playing cards , an instruction leaflet, and a specially designed box to contain the cards.

Each card is 62mm x 100mm with curved corners, standard trump card size and the material is Stellar 275gsm Blue Core playing card board

Degined by Owain who dances with several sides and run a Morris community page on Facebook called Morris-Hub.

On the 1st of April 2017 he created a joke advert for a set of Morris trump style cards. It got quite a large response which persuaded him to go ahead and create a set of cards.

April Fools Post
April Fools Post

In the last year he has changed the categories and design slightly and collected information from many sides. If you're in a Morris side you can imagine this was no easy task... Herding cats anyone?

He finally had enough sides for a standard set of cards, 30, then more sides wanted to be part of it, and more. he put a limit of 120 sides and yet even more sides wanted to be involved. The total number of sides in the deck has now reached around 130, more than 4 times the amount in a standard set.

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Top Trunkles - Morris Dancing Card Game

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