KJM Rapper Swords

Hand maked traditional rapper swords for use by the many dance teams around the world who perform the rapper dances of the North East of England.

There are only a few makers of these specialist swords and over the years it has sometimes been difficult for rapper sides to obtain replacements for damaged swords. Jimmie Killner, an excellent engineer (and musician with King John’s Morris Men of Southampton) was asked to look into the possibility of developing and designing a successful system for making them. He made many prototypes and looked, in particular, at the best steel to use to give superb flexibility without being too brittle or breaking. KJM rapper swords are now used by many of the best rapper sides.

KJM Rapper Swords are made using the highest quality materials

  • Top quality walnut handles
  • High tensile flexible steel blades
  • Solid brass fittings
  • Unique bearing system on rotating handle
All swords are made to to the highest specifications using precision methods perfected by Jimmie Killner to ensure that these swords will give you the best response and performance every time they are used. Jimmie has worked with metallurgists to come up with the best steel to give the excellent flexibilty needed for rapper swords.

KJM rapper swords are a high quality product with revolving and fixed walnut handles and brass ferrules
  • Each single sword £32
  • Purpose made carrying bag £18
  • Free oil and oiler kit with each complete set
  • Swords can be made to your desired lengths
  • UK full set carriage £18
  • (International carriage costs available on request)

Interested in KJM Rapper Swords?, feel free to contact Jim by any of the methods below, PLEASE MENTION "THE MORRIS SHOP"

E-mail jimmiekillner444@sky.com
44 (0) 2380 406233