Morris Shop Policy

Morris Shop Policy

The primary objective of the Morris Shop is to enable Morris Dancers to buy items 

essential for the teaching and practice of Morris; its wider objective is to supply the 

Morris community with a range of Morris related products.

The financial objective of the Morris Shop is to break even when selling essential core 

items to Morris Dancers and make a commercial margin on other products and sales 

to businesses.

Marketing policy is to have a strong online presence both through the Morris organisations and 

independently. To have a physical presence at key MR, OM, MF and JMO events and attend 

other meetings and festivals as desired by the shopkeeper which do not make 

significant financial losses.

Product policy is to always stock the core products of bells, handkerchiefs, socks and 

neckerchiefs together with key training publications. To keep a wider range of Morris 

related products which the shopkeeper considers are practical to stock, commercially 

viable and appealing to target customers.